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A Guide To The Services Provided By A Ship Chandler Agency

Ship Chandler Agency
June 04, 2021

by CSS NV 0 comment

While transportation or travel via ship isn’t the most popular option for ordinary people, shipping services are still rising in popularity in global economic markets. They have massive influence because of the growing demand for export trade to maintain Geo-Political relations between countries.

To ensure that the shipments deliveries are made on time and without any harm to the ship, cargo, and crew, shipping conglomerates make arrangements for different agencies to work together in the whole process. This, in turn, ensures the efficient delivery of one primary service, which is that of ship chandler suppliers in Curaçao, who provide supplies and necessities for a safe and comfortable journey at sea.

Curious about what the work of a chandler entails? Here is a guide through the primary services of a shipyard agent in Curaçao specializing in providing chandlery items to ships.

  1. Refueling

One primary service and a necessary item provided by chandlers is fuel. Without it, the ship won’t cross a mile. The ships dock at the Curaçao dock, where agents check for their fuel requirements and ensure speedy and fast restocking of fuel that will hold until the next restocking destination. Such activities require a prominent group of people to ensure the shipments are delivered on time — any arrival delay can cost the host country and the shipping firm a fortune.

  1. Breakdowns at sea

Modern ships are engineering marvels with cutting-edge technology. They have strong structures that can endure some of the most powerful blows. Despite these enhancements, however, there is still a chance that a ship will break down.

Any problem, such as running out of fuel, oil, food for the crew, or any other utility item, can cause the ship to fail and bring it to a halt. The ship handling company and the shipyard agent in Curaçao can ensure that if your ship encounters such an issue, it will be provided with timely assistance at sea.

  1. Medical supplies in case of any emergency

Medical issues are standard while a ship is at sea. The vessel should be equipped with a first aid kit and other essential medical supplies as part of the emergency medical service measure to tackle any emergency. Aside from that, they must have a medic on board to deal with any medical emergencies. However, despite all of the health certificates of the crew, one can never be absolutely certain when it comes to the likelihood of a medical emergency. Hence it is always best to be prepared for common illnesses or serious fatalities.

A Curaçao chandler agent will make sure that all required necessities are sent to the ship and efficiently cross-check for any other needs. In case of injuries, it is the agency’s job to provide immediate medical assistance to the crew or carry out emergency departures of persons with serious fatalities.

Hence when choosing a ship chandler supplier in Curaçao, verify that all the requirements are guaranteed to be met. Your agent should supply the best equipment and necessities on time and in the best condition and ensure that all critical issues are taken seriously to mitigate any stress.