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Best practices followed by ship handlers - Curaçao Shiphandling & Services N.V

Ship Handler
December 04, 2019

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A mark of a good ship handle is that he doesn’t make anyone feel the need for a ship handler at any point of time. With on-going experience and skills, the ship handler gets an adequate knowledge of curacao ship supplies to better serve the ship’s all-round needs. With expert ship handling the vessel stays on its course and finds the right direction to make the journey in the quickest possible time.


Here are some best practices they offer as a Curacao ship agent: 

1 – They offer cost-effective services

They will be able to offer all the huge space of an ocean vessel to multiple entities thus reducing the overall cost of delivering the consignment. Be it a small package or container loads, the overall cost is made reasonable as compared to air freight. This is thanks to the judicious route optimization and better space management on the ship enabled by the ship handler. 

2 – Initiate turns effectively

A ship handler will be able to use the resistance offered by the water current and wind force. He will be able to manage the underwater resistance (draft) in order to initiate the turn effectively. This way, the ship manages to stay on its course and do not face delays due to veering off course.

3 – Boost reliability of the cargo being transported

A good ship handler knows the immense scrutiny of the ship movement and location. He will ensure to conform to these measures so that the chances of ships lost at sea are reduced drastically. When he is able to achieve successful delivery of the cargos at the respective ports, he builds a reputation for the shipping company. More and more businesses rely on the shipping company to get their goods transported via the ocean route.

4 – Smart usage of anchor

A ship chandler in Curacao will not only know about the ship’s supplies but also how to move or stop it for better performance.  He will provide expert guidance on whether the ship can drop anchor at 12 knots or at 8 knots. He will be able to decide whether or not to drop anchor at certain speeds at which the ship is travelling. This will allow him to be flexible enough to stay on course,  without causing harm to the ship’s speed or the occupants inside.

To sign off

These were some excellent best practices followed by a ship handler working on Curacao ship supplies.

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