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Best shipyard agent in Curaçao
January 06, 2021

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How to find the best shipyard agent in Curaçao

In the maritime industry, vessels berth at a port from various countries. A ship may sail from Japan and anchor at any port in Europe. It is part of a vessel’s journey to anchor at different ports of call to reach their port of destination. When a ship berths at a port in another country,

ship chandling companies
December 08, 2020

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What are the services provided by ship chandling companies?

Ship transport is the choicest method of transporting cargo to different parts of the world. Although the ships take longer times and indirect routes, adding to the journey duration and distance, they offer cheaper services than the transport method of air goods. However, ships break down amid the journeys and need attention or help for

ship chandling service
November 06, 2020

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What are ship chandling services and who should I choose to provide me them?

Shipping was the primary means for global transport before the invention of the airplane. Also, due to the massive commercialization of air travel, ships are no longer used for transporting people. However, the shipping services are used en masse for the transportation of cargo across the globe. To this, we owe the phenomenon of international

Ship Chandler in Curacao
October 07, 2020

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What is the role of ship chandlers?

Ship chandling is all about ensuring supplies. Ship chandlers are merchants who supply goods for ships. In other words, they work as ship store suppliers. They stock up on all the essentials that meet the needs of vessels. The items include leather goods, galley supplies, lanterns, hooks, brooms, mops, varnish, tallow, etc. When it comes to supplies, a

Ship handling company
September 07, 2020

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How does a ship handling company help?

Ships serve a variety of purposes. There are cargo ships, for example, that help us carry massive and cumbersome loads across the globe. These ships are the main reason why we have an extensive and robust network of supply. It takes days and even weeks for a ship to reach its destination once it leaves

Duties of a shipping agent
August 07, 2020

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What are the duties of a shipping agent?

Agents are representatives of ship-owners and charterers. Ship-owners and charterers cannot be present at every port of call. They need some representation to look after the day-to-day operations when a ship anchors at a port. This middle facility comes in the form of ship agents. Read on to know more. Get in touch with a

Shipyard agent in Curaçao
July 08, 2020

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How do you select the right shipyard agent in Curaçao?

A Curaçao ship chandler is an integral part of the vessel’s overall navigation and timeliness. If the ship has to adhere to its timelines of supplying consignments to a particular port within a stipulated amount of time, it needs the competencies of a good chandlery expert. Such an expert will make available fresh provisions and

Shipping agency curacao
June 12, 2020

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Get the right support for your ship while on its journey

As a commercial ship company, you have a chain of commitment that you cannot break. A whole network of shipping logistics can go for a toss with a slight delay in your shipping chain. Managing the entire process will require a lot of time and effort for any company. With the ongoing COVID pandemic, it

Shipping agencies in the global economy
May 08, 2020

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What is the role of shipping agencies in the global economy?

History has shown that oceans and ships have been instrumental in facilitating global development. In times past, ships were used to transport people from one place to another. In modern times, however, they are being used for a different purpose; they are now primarily used for transporting goods rather than people. Tankers, bulk carriers, and

Ship Chandler
April 09, 2020

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Tips for choosing the right ship chandler

One of the most critical parts of the maritime resupply chain is the ship chandler. The supply goods to vessels that need to buy equipment and supplies. The ship crew members would ideally have to perform multiple searches or transactions for finding the products. However, with the ship chandlers, they can rely on a robust supply