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Factors On Choosing The Perfect Ship Chandler in Curacao - Curaçao Shiphandling & Services N.V

September 24, 2019

by CSS NV Blog 0 comment

Ship chandlers are retail dealers that set up arrangements to keep ocean vessels well-stocked. These dealers supply equipment for ships to individual companies who own ships or cruises and cargo companies. Earlier the chandlers used to supply only ship equipment that was needed for the vessels moving on water.  But now they supply variety pr products including oil tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, crew’s food, ship’s maintenance supplies, hand pump, twine, boat hook, hammer, cleaning products, rope etc. Chandlers offer a lot of benefits for the crew and sailors because they can easily find what they need in the port without visiting the local port town.

curacao chandler

There are numerous ship chandlers suppliers curacao.  But you need to choose someone who can easily help you in need and also has a wider network. This article will be about the tips to choose the perfect and reliable ship chandler within your budget.

  • Check for the certification

If you want to hire a reliable ship chandler then the first thing you need to check is their certification. Usually, the chandlers are certified by a local authority or organization so that they can work. The certificate also ensures that these chandlers are authentic and provide proper equipment.

  • Check the permit

This is another important tip that you need to follow. Authorized ship chandlers are permitted by the port authority to operate in the port area. Any reliable chandler will have this permit in their office.

  • Proper infrastructure

Every chandler needs proper infrastructure. All reputed Curacao ship chandler have proper infrastructure to ensure proper services to their clients. That means they must have spacious and large warehouse for separated dry and wet goods storage, a space for storing the goods within the port area or near the port. Besides they also need to have vehicles like trucks (heavy and small), cars or vans to transport the materials to the ship. They also need to have experienced and trained professionals who know how to transport the materials.

  • Versatile products

An ideal chandler must have a versatile list of products for their clients. The more products, the more benefits for you. Hence always try to choose a ship chandler who can supply ship equipment. Cleaning equipment, maintenance products, foods and even some emergency products on demand.

  • Affordable prices

This is one of the main factors that you must check while you choose a chandler. Because you need to find someone who offers best available product in reasonable budget.

  • Check for the delivery period

You need to check for ship chandlers who can delivery in time. That includes emergency delivery and advance order delivery as well. Because if delivery is not on time, your ship and the crew can face loss and damages.

  • Responsive

Try to recruit a ship chandler who is responsive. You need to communicate to the chandler easily and swiftly to get proper delivery.

  • Language fluency

Not everyone knows each language. Hence, choose a ship chandler whose employees can communicate using major languages like English. It is a crucial point that must not be forgotten.

These factors will help you to choose a reliable and fast Curacao ship supplies provider – mainly a chandler that is popular and in demand. These providers will offer service worldwide.

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