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Get the right support for your ship while on its journey

Shipping agency curacao
June 12, 2020

by CSS NV 0 comment

As a commercial ship company, you have a chain of commitment that you cannot break. A whole network of shipping logistics can go for a toss with a slight delay in your shipping chain. Managing the entire process will require a lot of time and effort for any company. With the ongoing COVID pandemic, it becomes all the more necessary to make sure you have all the resources that ensure a smooth and seamless shipping logistics.

Fortunately, there are third-party companies that provide services that help you sail smoothly through your ship’s entire journey. Companies like CSS-NV have made their services available even under the challenging circumstances of the current pandemic. There are basically two types of services we provide.

These services are:

1- Chandling

A commercial ship carries cargo from and to different parts of the world. Their job requires a lot of careful handling and timely loading and unloading. After all, an entire supply chain is dependent on your business. Unfortunately, delays due to unforeseen impediments make the journey unfruitful for your clients. Over time this may even take a toll on your business.

A ship chandler service provider can help you with the timely loading and unloading of cargo, saving you valuable time. A Curaçao chandler is someone who has all the necessary equipment and human capital to help you with a smooth transitioning in the loading and unloading process.

Moreover, the ship needs refueling to continue on its journey to reach its final destination. Therefore, it has to anchor itself at a shipyard to fill up on fuel and perhaps also carry some additional fuel just in case there is no shipyard on the remainder of the journey.

There are numerous problems that could arise in due process. If the staff are new there may be errors in communication, for example — there could be a language barrier. There may also not be any cash available in the currency of the country being visited.

A shipping agency Curacao can take these issues off your hand, helping you get the fuel into the ship without your staff having to wait around worrying about the language barrier or lack of cash in the relevant currency.

Ship chandler in Curaçao

2- Handling

Chandling is the necessary process every ship has to go through. However, there are other processes you have to go through when your staff has to halt the ship. Issues with things like getting spares for emergency repairs and boarding and alighting the crew may arise out of sheer lack of expectation.

The Curacao Ship Agent can provide you ship handling services to tackle these issues. With these services, we alleviate you of any worries related to the smooth transitioning of the crew in boarding and alighting, changing the staff, medical assistance, removal of the waste or wrecked rubble, dislodging the freight and moving it forward and any other ship handling occurrences.

In conclusion

This was your guide on the ship handling and chandling services of a ship chandler in Curaçao. You can get a smooth transaction when you call at our port for competitive prices.


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