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Get to know about Ship Chandlers at Curacao

Curaçao Shiphandling & Services is bunkering and loading supplies into a ship that is docked in Curaçao.
October 24, 2019

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The traditional organizations faced a lot of logistics and supply chain management challenges like who would provide the required commodities for the crew, or who would provide the crew services. This is where a ship chandler in Curacao comes into the picture with its amazing array of efficient services for the crew of today’s massive ocean vessels.  Let’s look into what is ship chandler and what duties it has to offer:


Who is a ship Chandler?

Curacao chandler is responsible to provide the most effective and required services when the ship arrives at the port.  When the ship arrives at the port, it needs provisioning, servicing, and other repairing services. The ship chandlers handle them all.  They offer the ship owners food supplies, spare parts and whatever else the captain of the ship requires. His responsibility is to provide all the necessary services to the vessels that arrive at the port. It could be pertaining to food items, gasoline or fuel or repair related arrangement, or providing the spare parts of the engine or ship spare parts, filling engine oil or crude oil.

What led to the origin of this term?

The Curacao ship supplies suggest that this term dates back to the time when boats and ships needed their provisions to sail but they were not able to get it. During medieval times, the navigation company and chandling industry witnessed a dramatic change. Today, ship chandling has become an important part of the shipping business. The chandlers are licensing authorities who are responsible to provide all the essential services that are required by a vessel. If in case, a person wants to buy a ship, the ship Chandler in Curacao also assists you with that. They will help to determine the condition of the ship and help the owner to purchase a vessel without incurring a loss.

The duties of the ship chandelier include logistics management, supplying provisions required by the crew member, supplying the lubricants, etc. Their responsibility is not limited to fulfilling the requirements of the captain but also providing spare parts and other ship store supplies. These include cleaning the ship with the help of broom and other disinfectants. The modern-day ship chandling industry has undergone a dramatic shift. Their responsibilities are not typical anymore, it extends beyond that.


In the end, we would like to conclude that there are many hurdles faced by the shipowner during the sail and ship chandlers in Curacao help you to solve that. It is believed that these persons can usher a new era in the field of logistics.