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How do you make sure you’re choosing a reliable chandling service provider?

chandling service provider
July 19, 2021

by CSS NV 0 comment


Ship chandlers and ship suppliers in Curaçao play a key role in the resupply chain. The way they work bears similarity to a goods retailer, except their main job is to supply the essentials, other supplies, and services to the ship owners, managers, traders, and operators.

By hiring a reliable ship agent in Curaçao, the ship’s crew can take care of the restock and resupply with the assistance of a dependable support team of agents. These agents not only save the crew costs from various transactions or looking for multiple suppliers, but they also give the crew maximum oversight when it comes to the important aspects of the voyage.

By working with chandling services, the crew can: restock anything from luxury food to mechanical maintenance supplies, the ship’s fire-fighting equipment, and provisions. Just to name a few.

However, you will come across a handful of shipping agencies options in your search for a reliable shipping agent partner. If you want to work with the best, then make sure you take the following into consideration:

1- Inspect the certification: Before anything, check for the certification of the ship chandling agency to verify if you are dealing with a genuine service provider. A chandling service’s certification is proof of the quality standards you will be served through the different types of services they provide. This includes goods and machinery, among many other services.
2- Know their work methods: The next thing you should take into account is their work methods. Every request should be completed professionally and on time by the chandling service provider. They must deliver all the goods on time without any delay or compromises.

As we all know, unnecessary delay can wreak havoc for the ship and its crew. Thus go for ship chandling services that are capable of responding to all requests expeditiously.

3- Inspect the infrastructure: Ship chandling services are responsible for taking care of everything your ship needs, from provisions to anti-piracy equipment and bonded stores, etc. So make sure you’re selecting a chandling service that has a big spacious warehouse where everything is kept in stock securely.

Also, look into their goods transportation services. They must be capable of offering on-time and secured goods delivery.

4- Check versatility and expenses: Another factor you must look into is the expenses. You must be capable of affording the services of the chandling services providers. Verify that their prices are not higher than the market price.

Additionally, check if they have versatile inventory. They should be able to fulfill all your diverse requirements, no matter what your ship requires, be it engine, food, or electrical supplies-related.

5- Inspect the communication: The last thing you need to check is their communication capabilities. Their team must have individuals who can communicate in most languages. This way, the two-way conversation becomes easier, and your crew is able to restock everything without any difficulty.

And we all know how the language barrier can result in incomplete work or entirely different and unexpected processes. So choose chandling services that have the communication capabilities to do business in most languages for a smooth supply chain process.

Signing off

Finding a shipping agency in Curaçao should never be a difficult task. Especially if you use the tips mentioned above for a sound decision that will guarantee effective transactions down the line.