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How to choose the best ship agency when in Curaçao

best ship agency in Curaçao
March 01, 2021

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When you have the services of an excellent ship agency in Curaçao, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Efficiency, timely deliveries, quality supplies, complete support is what you get when you partner with a leading ship chandler in Curaçao.

It is essential that you as shipowners join hands with a prominent ship chandler agency to ensure every task is well attended, right from supplies to documentation and inland transportation.

How to choose your ship chandling partner 

A shipping agency is known to represent the best interests of charterers and shipowners across the globe. Besides this, they are also known for managing the duration of anchorage of ships at the port. It is a shipping agency’s job to provide all the facilities at ports for every ship that berths at the port.

Your ship chandler has to take care to provide outstanding services to you. So choose wisely based on the following factors:

1 – Affordable and flexible

You have to pick a ship chandler service for its affordability and flexibility. Your chandler must be able to manage the supply of all commodities, essentials, and others. He or she must meet the requirements of the ship and the crew.

Check on the pricing factor as well. The cost has to be affordable with no compromise on quality. Discounts are always welcome on supplies.

2 – Check the credentials

Ask for the certification and the credentials. If they have the necessary documentation, it means that the agency upholds the standards of best practice with regard to ship agencies. It also means that a chandler service is registered with the authorities to supply the required goods. Proper credentials will help you better evaluate a trusted agent.

3 – Fluency in communications

Choose to work with an agent who is well-versed when it comes to local and international methods and can converse and communicate with relative ease and fluency in one or more languages.

4 – Check on the set-up

You have to be sure about the infrastructure and network provided by the agency. Large warehouses have to secure stock. Transport service is also required to ensure the timely and safe delivery of consignments to the ship. The right facilities will ensure that all the tasks are well-handled, and are done on time.

5 – Timely deliveries

Timely delivery is one of the crucial deciding factors when selecting an agency. Curaçao chandlers and handlers should be able to deliver supplies in a timely fashion. It is better to avoid an agency that is late in compliance with commitments. The delay can cause problems for the vessel and the team. A dedicated agency is one that handles all clearing and forwarding inquiries and ensures timely supply.

Additionally, look for an agency that can supply the stock of essentials, repair, maintenance, and set up a cleaning arrangement for outbound vessels.


You need to coordinate with a company with a good deal of market intelligence to allow smooth operations without facing any problem with a reliable shipyard agent.