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How to find a reliable ship agency?

Curacao Ship Agency
September 07, 2021

by CSS NV 0 comment

Whenever a ship berths at the dock, ship chandlers play a vital role in the process. In addition to taking care of essential goods that are required onboard, they also help with the stocking of necessary commodities your vessel may need.

You can find food and beverages, fuels and lubricants, freshwater, brooms and mops, leather goods, and everything in between among the offerings of a ship agency in Curaçao.

Ship chandlers also serve all types of vessels, from oil tankers to cruises and even merchant vessels. In fact, ships nowadays rely on chandler services for everything they need. That is why finding a reliable agency is of essential importance.

So, in this blog, we will share a few factors that you must consider in order to make an informed decision when choosing one.

 1- The delivery schedule: This is one of the most important considerations when it comes to selecting a shipping agency. The Curaçao chandler you wish to work with must be able to deliver the supplies on time.

Thus avoid working with chandlers that have a reputation for delaying the process. Because these delays can result in various problems for the team and the vessel. A reliable chandler must complete the order of the supplies on time.

 2- Affordability and flexibility: The agency you wish to work with must be versatile in supplying you products. The Curaçao ship chandler must manage the supply of everything from gas, engine parts, food, cleaning products, and others.

The chandler must also make sure to inspect the pricing factor. The price must be affordable and aligned with the market rates. Additionally, the chandler must offer discounts on the supply purchase.

 3- Inspect the certification: Don’t forget to ask for the required credentials. If the ship chandler services have necessary documents handy, then that means they follow quality standards of operations.

Credentials and certifications also show that the service provider is registered to supply the essentials and goods.

The service provider’s proper certifications will help you assess their trustworthiness effectively.

 4- Inspect the facility: If possible, before hiring the services of the ship chandler, it is best to visit or check the infrastructure first.

Having big warehouses isn’t enough, the shipping agency must keep the stocks safe in the warehouse too.

Inspect their transportation services to determine how they are capable of ensuring timely and safe delivery of the consignment.

 5- Check if they know multiple languages: Conversation plays a key role in the entire chandling process. So, it is best to work with service providers who are fluent in major languages like Spanish, English, etc.

This way, the service provider can easily communicate with local stores and crew members. Good knowledge of major languages can allow the ship chandlers to remove all the barriers and offer you a streamlined procedure.

Signing off

As you can see, having a reputable Curaçao ship chandler service provider at your disposal will work to your maximum advantage. So make sure that you consider these factors so you can make an informed decision that can build lasting relationships.