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The Amazing Benefits of Hiring A Ship Agent in Curaçao

Ship Agent in Curaçao
August 09, 2021

by CSS NV 0 comment

Ships berth at ports in various countries to transport consignment. A ship may set off on a journey from one port of origin to reach the destination port. And anchor at any port in between. When ships berths at any port during their long journey, they need to re-furnish all the essentials before they are on their way again. How amazing would it be to have an experienced chandling partner who can make available all the goods needed at the right time at the port where the ship docks for a repose? This is the USP that a chandler like CSS-NV provides.

When you hire a trusted shipping agent, they also double up as chandlers and suppliers in Curaçao when your vessel berths at Curaçao’s port. Therefore, when you hire ship agent services, you get all provisions, disposable or perishable items, maintenance parts, and crew essentials for the ship’s onward journey. In more detail, their services include:

1 – Performing commercial duties

Your Ship Agent provides shippers or forwarding agents with transportation services. And they are also responsible for facilitating transportation for the ship’s crew when the ship berths at a port. Shipping agents interact with shipping companies and owners from their countries of origin and around the world. Since shipping agents are local people, they have the trust of a ship’s crew and the trust of a ship-owner.

2 – Operational duties as chandler and supplier

A ship agent offers all ship and crew services relating to their time in a port. This includes all procedures required for arrival and departure at the port, complying with customs authority formalities, operations in the port, and management of the right of entry and stay in the port. This is all relates to the required paperwork and the supply of fuel, essentials, provisions, and other crew needs.

3 – Handling all custom-related documents

The ability to document activities thoroughly is an important part of being an agent of a ship. Since the agent is the contact person for any situation, he or she constantly deals with proper documentation systems, from immigration to port officials to ordering crew provisions.

4- Other functions and logistics support

The shipping agent is responsible for filing all off-loading requirements with customs and issuing delivery documents so the owner can collect the freight back. They also help in hiring personnel to load, stow, and unload cargo.

Given their considerable responsibility in carrying out a large part of the logistics process, shipping agents are of essential importance. Most of the decisions regarding sea freight transportation are taken while the ship is in port. This is where agents help with their services.

5 – All-round Services

The agent ensures in-port arrangements are made and completed efficiently. It is the job of the ship’s agent to ensure that the ship completes its operations without delay. These responsibilities may include bringing essential supplies such as food and water to the crew and providing cleaning and maintenance on board if necessary.


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