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The compelling reasons for hiring a Curaçao ship chandler

Curaçao ship chandler
May 07, 2021

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Vessels berth at a port from different countries as part of their job to transport consignment. A ship may set out on a journey from Dubai to reach Taiwan and anchor at any port in between. When ships berth at any port during their long journey, they need to re-furnish all the essentials before they resume their sailing on the high seas.

Hire one of the most preferred ship chandlers in Curaçao when your vessel berths at Curaçao’s port. A ship chandler’s job is to provide all the provisions, disposable, perishable items, maintenance parts, and crew essentials for the ship’s onward journey.

The ship chandling basics 

Ship Chandling services have been around for ages — starting with when the early settlers ventured into the high seas for adventure and conquest. These services came into being when voyagers on these boats needed some items for their month-long voyages. Initially, voyagers used ship chandling services to provide ropes, sail clothes, and other core essentials for the ship’s crew.

Today, the meaning and role of ship chandling have taken on large proportions. It’s more of an organized service that provides logistics support, documentation, on-land services, transportation facilities in addition to stock furnishing.

What is the role of ship chandler today?

What are ship chandling services, to be precise? A Ship Chandler is a specialist who is dedicated to supplying ships with the required stores and equipment. As laws and procedures can vary greatly per port, a professional chandler knows the laws and requirements for supplying goods at a specific port or terminal.

The role of a ship chandling service today covers many aspects. The ship chandler acts as the intermediary between a Master of a vessel and the store or warehouse owner. The ship chandler’s mission is to replenish the ship’s stock with essentials while the ship is at the port. Additionally, a ship chandler must clear documents and negotiate with local authorities on behalf of the Master of a ship.

While performing his/her duties, the ship chandler interacts with a shipowner or ship manager, Master of a vessel, customs office, sanitary authority, classification society, equipment manufacturer, ship agencies, stevedores, workshops, etc.

Partner with one of the leading ship chandlers in Curaçao.

The striking features of a leading ship chandling service 

The high level of service and the short time required to complete and deliver orders are distinguishing features of a bankable ship chandler service. Merchant ships load, unload, and turn around quickly. Any delay can prove expensive, making the services of a dependable ship chandler an extremely valuable source of support.

The advantage of having a reliable ship chandling agency by your side is smooth services should the port be unfamiliar. Your agency will ensure you face no difficulties with reserves and credit lines; local currency is a non-issue. Chandlers also free the crew from repair works.


Connect with one of the leading ship chandler suppliers in Curaçao to prepare well for the next leg of your voyage.