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Tips for choosing the right ship chandler

Ship Chandler
April 09, 2020

by CSS NV 0 comment

One of the most critical parts of the maritime resupply chain is the ship chandler. The supply goods to vessels that need to buy equipment and supplies. The ship crew members would ideally have to perform multiple searches or transactions for finding the products. However, with the ship chandlers, they can rely on a robust supply chain that stands by its commitment of time.

The resupply items could be things like fire-fighting devices and equipment, luxury goods, food and maintenance supplies.

When talking about a good shipping agency at Curacao, you are perplexed with the number of options. Here are some tips for finding the best Curacao ship chandler.

1- Make sure they have the right certifications

 The certification is no doubt, the essential thing that can help you understand the credibility of the company you are planning to partner with for your ship chandling needs. The right set of approvals and certifications means that the ship chandling company has working machinery and has passed all the quality tests.

2- Check their level of time commitment

Your ship docks for some time at a dockyard, it at times does not have too much of space and time to wait for the supply or refill to arrive. One of the ways to check the reliability of the ship chandling company is to check how committed they are to their time.

Some companies do offer time-bound service assurance. They understand that the ships have a long chain of services to follow. These companies make sure that there is no delay and no loss of function to their customers.


3- Check for the infrastructure

There may be numerous ship chandlers out there. Many of these companies have a standard size of fleet; they are either small or big. Your ship may be a small, middle or big-sized one; the size of your ship needs resupply of the adequate amount.

The companies with a small fleet may not be able to give adequate resupply. In this case, you would have to make use of more fleets. In case of a more extensive than required fleet, you would still have to pay for the extra size. Choosing the right size is vital to choose the right Ship Chandler in Curacao.

To conclude

These were some tips to find the best Curacao ship chandler. With these tips, you can get a fair idea as to what all things you need to take into consideration while choosing your ship chandler partner for the firm and time-based commitment of services. With the choice of proper infrastructure, you can make sure that you pay only for the service you make use of.