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What are ship chandlery services? - Curaçao Shiphandling & Services N.V

September 12, 2019

by CSS NV Blog 0 comment

Gone are the days when sailing involved only sailors and the captain. Nowadays, as the shipping process has become more complex, it now needs technical service providers that can fulfill its long list of supplies and provisions when the ship is anchored at the port. Good ship chandler suppliers in Curacao can assist you with that. Now, let us dive into the details of what ship chandlers are and what they offer.

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What is a ship chandler?

The sailor spends days, nights, weeks, and sometimes months at sea. This exhausts the provisions and calls for a lengthy list of items that the captain needs to prepare. When the ship is harbored at the port, the captain can turn to a ship chandler to provide these items. This makes the sailing process much smoother.

Ship chandlers are the licensed authorities who are expert in providing all the necessary services that help the vessel sail without any hiccups.

So what do ship chandler provide?

A viable Curaçao Ship Chandler provides supplies like food, oil, gasoline, lubricants, hammers and scrapers, galley equipment, binoculars, beverage, charts and chemicals, engine oil, fuel for the ship, crude oil, spare parts and other tools that the ship captain might require. The responsibility of providing all these supplies to the vessels lies on the shoulder of ship chandlers. They are specialists and are often referred to as supermarkets for the ship or as the stockists for all essential items for a ship.

Origin of the term

The term ship chandler dates back centuries ago when the boat turned hollow after having spent days and weeks at sea. It was during this time that this term was coined. Nowadays, it has become an essential and mandatory service. 

The ship chandler not only provides the store supplies but also handles minute nuances or requirements including cleaning items like brooms and disinfectants, just to name a few. In short, the modern-day ship chandlers offer an entire range of services required by a typical commercial ship powered by fuel. These services include their technical stores and supply of spare parts.

What are the benefits of approaching them?

Finding the right supplier of the required items can be a very confusing process. The ship chandlers simplifies the procedure by placing all the products in one place. Aside from saving the captain a lot of time and headache, it also eliminates the possibility of unwarranted delays in transit. The shipyard agent Curaçao orders the supplies and receives them immediately. This is why the presence of Ship chandlers has become essential. Ship chandlers also allow the captain of the vessel to make payments in any form of currency. This is a vital service as it means the captain does not need to convert currency to make the payments.

What makes a good ship chandler?

A good ship chandler should have extensive knowledge of the shipping industry supplies and everything that is needed on a ship during a long voyage. They thus need to be familiar with the requirements of the captain. Starting a ship chandler business requires clearance by the government and the shipping corporation of the country where it is being started.


Shipping is a technical process and it needs several experts to make it smooth. A ship chandler can be a key to keeping the ships in top shape and keep it well-stocked for its journey.

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