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What are ship chandling services and who should I choose to provide me them?

ship chandling service
November 06, 2020

by CSS NV 0 comment

Shipping was the primary means for global transport before the invention of the airplane. Also, due to the massive commercialization of air travel, ships are no longer used for transporting people.

However, the shipping services are used en masse for the transportation of cargo across the globe. To this, we owe the phenomenon of international purchases and global trade. The main reason why ships are no longer used for travel is that each journey takes a very long time.

Being in the middle of the ocean means a considerable likelihood of problems because getting help is not as simple as on land.

The ship chandlers are the service providers who can help you with almost every service that you may need while on your voyage.

Here are some common types of services provided by Curaçao ship agents.

1- Providing fuel

One of the commodities that every ship needs frequently is fuel. Even though a vessel can carry loads, it cannot take a lot of fuel as it will occupy some additional space that can otherwise be used for carrying cargo.

The ship chandler’s suppliers in Curaçao can provide you with the re-fuelling services at your shipping dock in Curaçao.

Imagine how daunting the experience will be if your ship runs out of fuel right in between two islands. The ship chandling company can be your ultimate resort to provide you with the necessary fuel amount even if it is in the middle of an ocean.

2- Easy way of communication

Traveling via the sea route to far-off continents means that the crew may have to deal with many people, most of whom cannot even understand your language. Indeed, learning languages of all countries is not a viable option for your crew either.

Dealing with a ship chandling company beforehand means you are not likely to face any communication issues as your needs will be accommodated at the right spot.

3- Getting supplies

Apart from the fuel, there are various other commodities a ship may need during its weeks’ old voyage. Things like medicines, life-saving equipment, food items, and rations. Other things that a vessel may have an unexpected need for are the worn-out tools and gears.

Almost every ship has an engineer onboard for situations like when the gear and tools go faulty and need replacement. Many ships do carry spares that are of great aid in such a crisis. However, a ship can’t take all the items that may fail and wreak havoc if it does.

The ship chandlers’ are the ultimate option for a vessel broken down in the middle of nowhere. They can provide replacement items and tools to fix them. If need be, they can offer other emergency services like evacuation and medical assistance.

To conclude

The Curaçao ship agents offer chandling services that are useful for any ship that may experience problems like running out of fuel, language barrier at a port, or getting supplies.