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What are the duties of a shipping agent?

Duties of a shipping agent
August 07, 2020

by CSS NV 0 comment

Agents are representatives of ship-owners and charterers. Ship-owners and charterers cannot be present at every port of call. They need some representation to look after the day-to-day operations when a ship anchors at a port. This middle facility comes in the form of ship agents. Read on to know more.

Get in touch with a reliable Curaçao ship agent like CSS-NV who can make transactions on your behalf. Agents specialize in one or more fields of expertise. The most common are liner agency and port agency. Agents can also work in freight forwarding, haulage, and warehousing. The knowledge of an agent allows them to handle duties efficiently.

What is the role of a shipping agent? 

Shipping agents’ jobs involve several duties and responsibilities. Some of the duties include the following:

1 – The shipping agent’s purpose is to make sure that everything goes well when a vessel approaches a port for a stopover to unload or load cargo in its holds. It is not an easy job; there is a lot of checking to do here. The agents handle it well and find solutions for problems if any.

2 – The shipping agents have to check if a vessel has the right dimensions to pass under the bridges. Besides this, the agent is also responsible for the vessel’s compliance with the regulations in force at ports and shipping lanes.

3 – Shipping agents are the persons who you call when your ship docks at a port. There may be a requirement for drinking water, groceries, essentials, oil, or picking up the garbage accumulated during the weeks on the high seas.

4 – Shipping agents also clear the cargo. They organize tugboat services on the arrival and departure of vessels. They also arrange for transportation of the crew.

What is ship chandling service? 

A ship chandler is a person who exclusively deals in supplying required commodities for a shipping vessel. A ship chandler has to provide food grains and essential supplies to a ship and its crew. Long durations of cruising in the waters cause scarcity in the provisions onboard a vessel.

By the time the ship arrives, the next port of call is likely to have a lengthy list of supplies ready and delivered by the captain and the crew. Once the necessary loading and unloading operations are over, the captain focuses on replenishing finished stock. It is done through a ship chandler. Curaçao Chandler services help you with the stocking of supplies.

In conclusion

Get your entire job done efficiently through a Curaçao Ship Agency. The agency and chandler services are here to help you with all the formalities and stocking up on stock ship hardware, chemicals, lubricants, food, and beverages, among other items.