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What are the services provided by ship chandling companies?

ship chandling companies
December 08, 2020

by CSS NV 0 comment

Ship transport is the choicest method of transporting cargo to different parts of the world. Although the ships take longer times and indirect routes, adding to the journey duration and distance, they offer cheaper services than the transport method of air goods.

However, ships break down amid the journeys and need attention or help for their travel ahead. Also, ships need to dock at certain bays to load and unload and refill utilities.

This is when a Curaçao chandler comes into the picture. It is a third-party firm that offers the shipping firm some help and gives them all the necessary assistance.

Here are some scenarios in which a Curaçao ship agent can help a shipping firm.

1- Refuelling, loading, and unloading

Ships have to dock at the bays to refuel, unload and reload the cargo. The process of unloading and reloading is a part of the ship’s routine. These activities need a lot of people, the lack of which can lead to failure and have unwanted consequences.

One of the problems the shipping firm may face is the break of the supply chain ahead. A severely delayed ship can lead to delays in cargo delivery.

shipyard agent in Curaçao can help you with the help you need at the bay.

2- Breakdown at sea

Modern ships are the marvel of engineering and have state-of-the-art technology. They have robust structures that can withstand some of the most significant impacts. However, despite these advancements, there are chances that a ship may go through a breakdown.

Any problem like running out of fuel, oil, food for the crew, or any other utility item can cause a complete failure for the ship and bring it to a standstill. The ship chandling firm can ensure that if your ship experiences any such problem, they can provide timely help at sea.

3- Medical emergency during a journey

Medical problems are common while a ship is on its journey. As part of the emergency medical service measure, the ship has to have a first aid box and other necessary medicines. Besides this, they have to have a medic on board to address any medical emergency.

However, despite all these anticipations and measures, we can never be sure of a medical emergency’s likelihood. Problems like serious illnesses, accidents, and so forth are not uncommon on ships.

Curaçao chandler is someone who can send emergency medics to a ship-to address these medical issues. He/she can also perform emergency evacuation of the ill person to avoid further worsening of the condition.

In case of damage to the vessel, the Curaçao ship agent can salvage the crew and cargo. They can also forward the load to the destination to make sure there is no delay in its delivery.

In conclusion

These were some scenarios where a ship chandling service provider can help a shipping company to ensure that there is no loss of time or failure of logistics.