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What is the role of shipping agencies in the global economy?

Shipping agencies in the global economy
May 08, 2020

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History has shown that oceans and ships have been instrumental in facilitating global development. In times past, ships were used to transport people from one place to another. In modern times, however, they are being used for a different purpose; they are now primarily used for transporting goods rather than people. Tankers, bulk carriers, and container ships are an essential means of transportation and each year they carry billions of tons of cargo along several chartered trade routes.

The global trade has led to a massive increase in shipping activities, which has made the shipping process much more sophisticated. As freight volume grows, so too does the importance of logistics management. This calls for technical service providers that can fulfill the long list of supplies and provisions when a cargo ship comes to anchor at a port. This is where the professional expertise of Curaçao’s ship chandler services can be of assistance. Read on for more information.

What are ship chandler services?  

A ship sails on the high seas for days, many times even months. This extensive sailing can exhaust the provisions and supplies available on the vessel. So when a ship calls at a port, the captain of the ship turns to a ship chandler agency to provide the list of required items. Once the requirements are met, the vessel can once again set sail without any further concerns of low supplies.

Ship chandlers are authorities that have a license to provide all the necessary stock that enables ships to sail smoothly. By the time a ship makes it to the next port of call, a list is once again drawn up by the captain and crew and they deliver it to a ship chandler agency, which promptly replenishes the stock.


What items are included in the ship supplies? 

Curaçao’s ship chandler supplies include oil, gasoline, lubricants, hammers, scrapers, galley equipment, spare parts binoculars, food and beverage, chemicals, engine oil, fuel for the ship, crude oil, and other tools that the captain may list. It is the responsibility of the vessel chandler to supply all these items to the vessel.

Given the responsibilities of meeting all requirements when the ship berths, the ship chandler’s functions are manifold. The duties and responsibilities of a ship chandler agency in maritime transport include:

1.Commercial duties such as providing shippers or freight forwarders with transport services, and helping with the embarking and disembarking of the ship’s crew.

2. Operational responsibilities such as those related to the short time in port for the liner and its crew. These responsibilities include mooring, port, and customs formalities.

3. Freight management duties such as off-loading, documentation, unloading, bunkering, stowing and un-stowing of cargo.

In conclusion

The role of a Curaçao ship chandler agency is crucial, given their responsibility in completing the logistical process. Major shipping decisions happen when the ship anchors at the port of call or port of destination. Professional ship chandlers ensure the timely delivery of all the requirements for bunkering, loading, and discharging. They also facilitate all the necessary in-port procedures.